Mexico´s National food

 Mexican food is synonymous with flavor, variety, and color, it has been formed from the union of plates of the Aztec indigenous people and Spanish cuisine, this mixture resulted in a wide variety of meals that have become famous throughout the world, it variety is so wide that was included as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, a title awarded in 2010 by UNESCO.

Taco is part of this cultural diversity in Mexican cuisine, it is one of the preparations that have evolved to become the Mexican national plate, thus being the most consumed food by Mexicans at dinner time and the most distinctive plate from the country. This food has transcended to be tasted all over the world, not in vain the “Taco Day” is celebrated in Mexico every March 31 since 2007, in the USA the Taco Day is celebrated every October 4.

Taco Origin

The Taco is a food whose base is a corn tortilla accompanied by different fillings and that serves as meal for any occasion, its origin dates from the pre-Hispanic era, the best-known anecdote is that Moctezuma used the tortilla as a teaspoon to take their food for what the taco was referred to as "The Moctezuma spoon", it is also recorded that women sent these tacos to their men for their practicality when they worked for many hours in the field since it was easier to heat and consume them.

Over the years they evolved to diversify with different fillings and give them names such as "Tacos al Pastor" that have influence from the shawarma of Lebanon, gyros from Greece and döner kebab from Turkey.

Since the 50s, its sale was popularized in the streets, as well as restaurants and stores, a trend that has become viral throughout the world. Today the taco is consumed by millions of people everywhere, it is one of the most popular Mexican meals, perfect to be the companion at any time whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Taco Preparation

Taco is a corn tortilla filled with different ingredients such as chicken, meat, chili peppers, tomatoes, onions, beans, salsa, chorizo, potatoes, guacamole, and cheese. The variety of tacos is equal to the great cultural diversity of each Mexican region, following the techniques and recipes of each one without losing the essence of the tortilla combined with some element of the aforementioned.

The best-known variations of tacos that we can find are:

 Tacos al Pastor: One of the most popular versions, is called Al Pastor (shepherd) because ram meat is used and those who prepare them are called “shepherds”, it is a tortilla to which beef or pork is placed, It is distinguished by its reddish color, product of its marinade with red chili peppers, it is accompanied with sauce, tomato, onions, and pineapple.

Tacos type Flute: This fried taco is a very delicious version, where the tortillas are stuffed and they are shaped like a very thin “flute”, they are accompanied by some cream, grated cheese, lettuce.

Golden Tacos: It is a taco that is made with fried tortillas and stuffed with beef, chicken, potatoes, they are accompanied by sauces, cheese, refried beans, each region adapts it to their customs.

Tacos can be consumed anywhere in the world, in restaurants specializing in Mexican food, street stalls, fast food places, they can even be prepared at home and presented at buffet parties where guests can prepare the taco to their liking with various fillings

All its richness and color make Taco an exceptional plate, capable of fitting into all cultures, Mexico gives us this explosion of flavor and tradition that you will undoubtedly enjoy on any occasion.