Mexican Snacks

A snack is a snack, also known as a "botana" that is served in small portions and can be of sweet or savory flavors, they are presented for consumption in meetings, parties, restaurants, bars, weddings, sporting events and on any occasion to share with friends and relatives.

The types of snacks vary according to the occasion, the snacks that are served for example as an appetizer before lunch should be very light so that they are only a snack and not a complete meal that dim the menu to be tasted. Another example, snacks that are presented at a sporting event or meeting can be more elaborate, including some type of meat, vegetables, ham, cheese, and on these occasions, they are always accompanied with a drink such as beers.

Mexican snacks are very varied, due to a large number of ingredients that can be used for its preparation are synonymous with party, celebration, meeting, and sharing, these snacks are the sample of the wonderful cuisine of this country where flavors are combined, colors and textures that delight any palate.

The traditional ingredients to make these snacks are chili, guacamole, pork, beef, chicken, and corn-based bases to make tortilla chips, tortillas, chubby, toast, as well as cookies or bread.

Here are some of the most popular Mexican snacks.

Salty Snacks

Guacamole: Avocado as the protagonist of many Mexican dishes, is presented with a few drops of lemon to keep its greenery, is served in pieces or combined with chili, tomato, and chopped onion, they are served with whole tortillas, tortilla chips or nachos and a cold beer.

Cream cheese: Cream cheese has the advantage that it can be served with sweet or savory contours, in Mexico it is combined with sweet and sour sauces such as chipotle with apricot jam. It can also be combined with jams of various fruits, cheeses, and sauces accompanied by crackers

Chiles: Chiles can not be missing at a Mexican snack table, you can fill them with cheese and sweet corn kernels, it is a very easy recipe, chiles are cleaned and all the seeds and veins are removed, then you introduce the cheese (Manchego can be used, which is a type of cheese of Spanish origin that combines very well with chili), sweet corn kernels are added, then passed through egg and breadcrumbs, fried and served hot.

Golden tacos or flutes: It is a very popular and delicious snack, and it is only the tortilla used for tacos, stuffed with meat, pork or chicken, fried and served with different sauces, cheese, tomatoes, and avocado.

Sweet snacks

A table of Mexican sweet snacks necessarily includes the classic churros, which can be served with chocolate sauce and dulce de leche (caramel) syrup.

The "Jamoncilos" (little ham) is also an excellent option, it is a typical Mexican sweet very simple to make, we give you the recipe below:

- Ingredients: 

· 2 cups of milk

· 2 cups of sugar

· 1 pod or 1 tsp vanilla

· 1 pinch of bicarbonate

· Nuts to taste

Preparation: The milk is boiled together with the sugar, you add the vanilla bean or the teaspoon as the case may be, add the bicarbonate and stir until a ball is made, without letting it cool, the preparation is kneaded until a Smooth but firm texture, you form a ball and flatten one side to place the nut and it is in the shape of a pyramid, they are allowed to cool and served.

We invite you to make these and other Mexican snacks at home, you can make many combinations and entertain your guests, they will undoubtedly be delighted with the flavors of your snacks.